As you can see from Mr Wolfie's before picture, he is contemplating how good the groomer is going to taste. Wolfie
is the bravest cat I know. He will let me work on him for a certain amount of time and once he decides he is done,
he doesn't just run away but instead, actually chases me around the table!!! I think he takes after his human mom.
She is a feisty girl and has even taught Wolfie how to stick his tongue out at people! Wolfie's after picture was
taken at home because when I tried to take his picture, he charged at the camera and smacked it with his paw.
How Rude!
Above are Melvin and Edison after a Furminator De-Shed treatment. The treatment starts with a luxurious soak in a
special shampoo and conditioner. The solutions are filled with omega oils, vitamins, proteins, oatmeal and aloe.  
Next, the boys were hand dried with a  high velocity dryer made to blow out tons of undercoat that was loosened by
the furminator baths.  After that we use a variety of tools specially designed just to remove that dead annoying
undercoat that would have all ended up on the furniture.  Melvin and Edison are owned by Matt Dunn who is one of
our amazing nurses.
Four Paw Spa
Merrimack Veterinary Hospital
More Photos
Rocco is a polish lowland sheepdog.  Polish sheepdogs have very dense double coat that requires brushing multiple
times a week if they are to remain tangle and mat free.  Rocco LOVES to swim and play so, although if we allowed
it to, his hair could grow almost floor length, his mom has decided to keep him in this stylish short but fluffy trim.  
Even at this length though, his mom works hard at home to keep his coat maintained.  Good work mom!
Above is Izzy.  Is she not the cutest thing ever??  Izzy and her brother Emmet come for grooming regularly and are
so much fun.  It would be so easy to be lulled in to a false sense of security by that face, but Izzy is a character and
I bet she is the boss in her house!
Seamus is an Airedale Terrier.  He is very handsome and friendly.  When he was a puppy he was a wildman but
now he is one of my best behaved clients.  Seamus lives an active life so his dad likes him to be quite short in the
body but also likes his face a bit fuzzier then the typical Airedale trim.
This picture before picture of Nobby the west highland white terrier makes me giggle.  That piece of hair sticking out
of his head on top is a big ol matt.  It looks like Nobby has been having lots of fun since his last grooming.  As you can
see, Nobby cleans up nice!  He is a great dog with a big personality.
GoldenDoodles along with other "designer dogs" are becoming very popular.  If you go to a goldendoodle breeder
who tells you that doodles are easy to take care of and don't require much brushing DO NOT BELIEVE THEM.  
Goldendoodles depending on their coat type can take as much or more maintenance then even a pure standard poodle.
Having said that, every doodle I have ever met has had a sweet, "want to please" personality.  In the picture is
Emma and she is no exception. She is a wonderful girl and so easy to work with.  As you can see she has a very
heavy coat that got pretty matted over the winter.   My preference in grooming is never to shave first. I love to make
dogs into big, soft, fluffy, puff balls, but sometimes to save a dog a lot of pain, we groomers are forced to shave.  This
was the case with Emma but as you can see, shaving a dog is not the end of the world.  She still looks very cute. She
will be very easy for her owners to take care of for a few weeks but before you know it, she will have all that hair
back!  Most dogs hair grows very fast.
Tanner is a sweet bichon who has been coming to me since she was just a baby.  She and her sister are just perfect
in every way.  I am so lucky to have such great 4 legged clients.