This is Baily. He is the sweetest
most laid back kitty ever.  You
can do anything with him and
he will just purr away. Baily
comes to visit every 8 weeks.
Four Paw Spa
Merrimack Veterinary Hospital
Photo Gallery
Riley is an english springer spaniel.  He is a big guy for his breed but very sweet and so soft and shiny when he is all
Everytime I groom
Foster, my heart melts
a little bit. He reminds
me so much of my little
"Quester" who I lost a
couple yrs ago after 16
 years.  Foster is an
austrailian terrier
Lily Rose is a bedlington terrier.  You don't see many of these around NH. As a matter of fact, Lily is the only one
that I have met in 18 years working in the Veterinary Hospital.  Because the cut is so different from any other breed
cut I still get nervous each time I groom Lily that I might make a mistake.  Lily and her owners are total
sweethearts I am really lucky to get to work with all of them every 4-6 weeks.
This is Chloe. Chloe loves to come for grooming or anything else at the hospital. She has been coming since she was
just a baby and believes she owns the place!  Dark color dogs are always hard to get pictures of but I thought I
would post a nice scotty profile.
Yes!! This really is the same dog! This is Rudy. He is a bichon frise filled with all kinds of love and energy. Rudy never
fails to make me smile.
This is Gracie. Gracie is a "goldendoodle" hold the golden. Gracie is one big bundle of energy. Stunning with her jet
black coat, Gracie will need to be groomed every 4-6 weeks if we are going to keep her in this soft fluffy beautiful
This is ObeeJuan. Along with being a Jedi, Obeejuan is a golden retriever. As you can see, Obeejuan was getting a
bit scruffy. This trim leaves him with all his beautiful golden retriever feathers but we de-shed his coat then go
over his body with thinning shears to get this nice tidy retriever look.