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Four Paw Spa
Merrimack Veterinary Hospital
About the staff
My name is Sherri. I am the pet stylist here
at Four Paw Spa and Animals have always
been my passion. Starting from the age of
11 at my first job on a horse ranch, through
years of 4-H to working at a boarding
kennel, as a bather, with a dog trainer, with
multiple show dog breeders and right
through grooming school to now, my life has
always been about animals in some form or

In 1992 I graduated from Pedigree Career
Institute as an all breeds pet groomer.  
Later that same year I came here to
Merrimack Veterinary Hospital and have
been here since.

I consider myself to be one of those lucky
people who is able to get up every day and
do a job she loves. I have so many
wonderful, amazing clients and pets that I
have built relationships and bonds with. I
am also lucky to be surrounded everyday by
people here on staff who share my passion
for animals although we each do it in our
own special way.

When I am not working I enjoy cooking,
gardening, reading, politics and I may have
a slight addiction to the online game called
World of Warcraft. I am owned by a jack
russell terrier named Nicci who was rescued
here at this very hospital and our siamese
kitty named Samara.
Sherri Goodreau
The Groomer
     Lisa Darby
Groomers Assistant

Lisa Joined us in the spring of 2009. She was
interested in the position because she loves
animals of all kinds.  She has been amazing!  Lisa
really seems to have a knack with any dog that
she works with. In the time I have known her I have
never heard her even raise her voice. All the dogs
love her but most importantly, they respect her.  
We are all (dogs and humans) lucky to have her
around to help us.

Lisa shares her life with her human family, plus 3
dogs and 2 cats. She has a second job working at
another animal hospital where she works in the
kennel and is being trained as a veterinary

With the little free time Lisa has, she enjoys
watching sports and is a Celtics fan, gardening
and playing on her Blackberry.   Also I plan to
addict her this year to American Idol!
Four Paw Spa is located inside Merrimack Veterinary Hospital.  We offer
all breed professional pet grooming in a clean, safe facility.  Our top
priorities are your pets comfort and well being and we are always trying
to add those little extras that offer you and your pet the best experience
possible.  We want to pamper your pet!

My 18-year tenure at Merrimack Veterinary Hospital (MVH) has
witnessed a truly outstanding veterinary facility with highly dedicated
staff and superior values.  MVH is a full-service facility offering
state-of-the-Art veterinary medicine, grooming, boarding (day and
long-term), Doggie Day Care, and canine training (puppy and adult
classes) with an amazing trainer who uses positive training techniques.

MVH values are based on the highest standards of professional care
and service no matter which part of the hospital you seek service from.  
 Every member of the staff is professional, well trained, caring, and is
there because they truly love animals.
                                               Our Mission

Our Mission is to remind ourselves each day that every pet is
someone's cherished family member, special in its own way with
its own personality and individual needs. We will provide the
highest quality grooming, while at the same time creating and
maintaining an environment that is, happy, healthy calm and safe.  
We strive to build strong, long standing bonds of trust with pets
and their owners.  We do this while working in tandem with a top
notch supportive hospital staff of Doctors, nurses,receptionists,
behaviorists and other pet care professionals who all enjoy the
same values
About Four Paw Spa and Merrimack Veterinary
                                                We Value

-Honest, Sincere bonds with our clients
(4-legged and 2-legged)
- Education
- Teamwork, in our spa, with owners and
if necessary with hospital staff.
And of course….

-Soft, fluffy, clean, cuddly pets that smell
Shelby Baker owned by
Dr Shannon Baker
Rest in peace Shelby. We
will always remember