New Years News

                  Four Paw Spa presents its new introduction
                 to grooming for puppies and kittens

Your puppy or kittens first groom is one of the defining moments in its life;
especially in breeds who need to be groomed regularly.  Cats especially can
find the grooming process very stressful.  Your pets first experience with
grooming will shape the way it feels and reacts to grooming for the rest of
its life.  This package is intended to help familiarize you and your new pet
with the grooming experience so that his first experience can be the best it
can be.  Your puppy or kitten's first groom is offered at a discounted rate
to help you start your puppy's grooming life off right!
We are a full service
all breed Pet
grooming salon. We
use only the highest
quality products and
stay current on the
newest trends.
Yes! We groom cats!
Four Paw Spa
Merrimack Veterinary Hospital
The cost for this package is $25 - $30  
depending on breed and is available for
puppies or kittens up to sixmonths of
We are located at 235
Daniel Webster
Highway in Merrimack

(603) 424-9922
                                                     March News!

Spring is here, or at least we hope it is!  With the nice weather also comes
the shedding season for our pets. Shedding is one of the most common
complaints of pet owners.  
During the month of march we would like to invite
you to try the Furminator De-Shed treatment at
no charge ($10 value) with a regular priced
grooming.  You can find more information on "The
Furminator" at their website
Nicci after the Furminator treatment
                                                  May News

We are so honored to have joined with The Matter Of Trust organization  
to do our part to help with the terrible crisis in the Gulf.

I bet you did not know that hair is a natural oil absorbent. Matter Of Trust
is a non-profit organization that depends on donations from hair salons
and pet groomers.  They use human and animal hair to weave together
"hair mats" These are laid on beaches that have become saturated with
oil.  The hair mats absorb the oil, pulling it out of the sand and soil. They
also create "booms"  that are used in the ocean to surround oil slicks,
preventing them from being able to  spread out.  Amazing isn't it?  Our
pets with our assistance can help save the world!!

While the crisis continues, any hair clipped or shed in MVH/Four Paw Spa
will be sent through Matter of Trust to their warehouses in the gulf.

Please see my interview with WMUR on the subject :
WMUR TV interview
And for more information about Matter of Trust and the way they work
you can visit the link at the top of this news post.
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                                                     APRIL NEWS

The March promotion for "The Furminator" Shed-less treatment  went
really well!  I promise to try to do it again soon. I hope everyone who
tried it out, liked it and had good results.  

Meanwhile, did you know that if your dog needs to stay with us all day you
can always request that we offer him a peanut butter or cheese filled kong
to keep him busy during the day?

We want you to know that we do our best to make your pet as
comfortable as possible.  After grooming each dog is given a soft bed,
fresh water, and cookies.   Puppies are often given a toy to cuddle with,
older pets with sore bones and joints are given extra bedding and kitties
are given all that and a litter box.  We also take dogs out multiple times a
day to go potty and just to make the day more interesting for them.

It is also not unheard of for us to give the dogs some playtime, either with
us or each other.  We really care about making your pets grooming an
enjoyable experience.