The Photo Gallery
My Work
Wow! What a difference.
Spinner's Dad wanted
Spinner cut short for
summertime.  We did him
about 1 inch all around.  
Not only will his coat be
easier to take care of, but
he looks 5 years younger!!
Abby is a sweet but
fiesty girl! she has to be
since she has two
brothers at home to
keep in line. She makes
me laugh each time I
groom her.
Mike is a very special boy.  
Due to medical issues his
mom had to find him a
new home. We wish Mike
the very best in his new
home and hope he will still
come to visi
Its amazing
what a good
bath and
Brush out
can do!
Pictures don't do Abby justice. She is a gorgeous jet black Standard Poodle who looks like black
velvet in person when she is done.  Not only is she beautiful but she is sweet and perfectly
Macgyver II the West Highland White Terrier (westy) has been coming to
see us every 6 weeks since he was about 16 weeks old!  He is a beautiful
dog and such a character.  
This is
probably my
asked for clip
on a Springer
Baxter is a Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier who is done in a puppy cut all
over.  Boy what a project!
This is Benson.  Could he be any cuter?  He is almost as cute
long as he is all trimmed up but he is to hard for his mom to take
care of that way.